Tiny House Atlanta Festival

Decatur Tiny House Festival

Okay, I admit it: I’m a big fan of the tiny house. There’s something so adorable about them and, let’s face it, they’re downright efficient (and somewhat portable!) So imagine my delight when I heard about the Decatur Tiny House Festival!

Decatur is one of my favorite Atlanta neighborhoods, so it was super easy to decide to fit the festival into my schedule this month. Attendees get an up-close and personal tour of twenty tiny houses and hear from keynote speaker, Steven Nygren, president founder of Serenbe. If you don’t already know about Serenbe, it’s a community that Nygren created as a model to demonstrate that preserving 70% of green space interlaced with agriculture, housing and retail is not only economically viable but the future of community wellbeing.

I can’t wait!

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