The Unforgettable Themed Restaurant In Georgia That Will Take You Back In Time

Public School 404

Class is officially in session at Public School 404 in Atlanta. For many people, going back to grade school does not bring back the fondest memories. However, in this particular place, you’ll wish that you never graduated. This unforgettable themed restaurant in Georgia will take you back in time combining the ultimate grade school experience with a plethora of tasty bites. Check it out.

Everything about Public School 404 will take you way, way back.

This school-themed restaurant is officially in session and you’ll be amazed at how creative this space is.
Public School 404 - Rebecca Weingold

From the moment you walk in and see the jackets hanging on the wall…to the thoughtfully curated menus which resemble school composition books.

There is a bit of school-inspired-decor everywhere you look.

I mean, have you seen how adorable those napkins are?!

The space itself is huge, with glass windows taking after old city public schools.
Public School 404 - Rebecca Weingold

Microscopes and lightbulbs line the exposed brick walls…and a few fun, vintage photos make you feel like you’ve stepped into Science class.

Even the food is worth making the trip for, filled with fun flavor, sure to fill you up.

The portions might be big, so make sure that you take the rest of your food home…
Public School 404 - Rebecca Weingold

…because the to-go bags will easily become your next homework assignment.
PS 404 - Rebecca Weingold

Cafeteria food never looked quite this good if I do say so myself.

I don’t know about you, but this is one grade school experience I would gladly sign up for.

Ready to check out this clever restaurant? Use the address below to guide you:
930 Howell Mill Rd., Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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