Breakfast with Becky Weingold: Acai Bowls

Acai Bowl breakfast with Becky

This is my new passion. Acai bowls. I can’t even pronounce acai, but these are delicious, healthy, easy to make, and did I mention delicious? Here is my latest recipe for an Acai bowl that I tried. I took several recipes and mixed and matched so my favorite ingredients were here. One thing to remember….you can pretty much put anything… Read more »

7 Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget

healthy eating

Being a grad student, I live on a budget that is pretty tight. At the same time, I made a promise to myself to eat healthy, which for me means whole foods. Making the switch from a standard American diet to a whole foods, Paleo or Primal diet, can initially be a shock at the grocery store checkout line. For… Read more »

Rebecca Recommends – 24 Best Blogs for Healthy Eating

Becky Weingold recommends

Choosing which food blogs to follow can be overwhelming. Scrolling through all those recipes and mouthwatering photos would take eons. And deciphering nutrition fact from fiction and personal anecdotes from expert-backed advice is no easy task. That’s why I’ve highlighted my favorite blogs out there for healthy eating. The blogs below contain out-of-this-world recipes, insightful posts on diet trends, and… Read more »

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