Repurpose the Tee Shirt – Make the Old New Again

Rebecca A Weingold
We’ve cleaned out our closet, and we have figured out what we want to sell, but there are some clothes that are too cute to sell or get rid of, so I have a few ways you can save those pieces, repurpose them and get more wear out of them. So many of these are tee shirts, and now I want to give you some ways to repurpose the tee shirt. But before you cower in fear at the thought of needles and thread, don’t worry, I don’t take you there, because I can’t sew! That shirt, while it has a cool design, is looking a like dingy — time to refresh it by cutting it to bits and turning into a trendy crop top! With these tips, there’s no doubt you’ll be the talk of the pool party this season.

Turn a tee in to a cardigan by cutting down the middle and using hem tape to create straight sides.

Make an infinity scarf that you can drape around your neck by cutting off the bottom of a tee. It’s easy to take the sleeve of a tee and cut them to make bow sleeves. Shirts that are a bit old tend to lose their appeal and color as well as develop rough patches around the elbows. Cut patches out of another shirt and glue it on the elbows for patches. Take some lacy fabric and add it into your tee shirt. If you have an old V-neck t-shirt and want to turn it into a funky bow-back tank, then achieving the same has been made so easy with this no-sew DIY tutorial using things you already have in your cupboard : a pair of scissors and some glue. Freezer paper has got an amazing ability to adhere to fabric for a while when a hot, dry iron is applied to it. This works great for creating a fabric stencil and doing a no-sew DIY stenciled T-shirt within minutes. Turn an old oversized t-shirt into a super cool cropped tank top that’s just perfect for summers. Cut tee shirts up and create a racer back workout top. Make a ruffled tube top. What have you done to repurpose tee shirts?

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