Rebecca Recommends: Photographers on Instagram You Must Follow

Rebecca Weingold

If you’re searching for inspiration or want to spice up your Instagram feed, these are the accounts to follow.

1. Steve McCurry – @stevemccurryofficial

First up on our list is the photography legend that is Steve McCurry. Perhaps one of the most renowned names in photojournalism, his portfolio spans through several countries, cultures and eras and his skill behind the camera is quite frankly second to none. The vibrancy, vantage and composition of his photographs will leave you in awe. Capturing culture through the lens, his Instagram account will tell you a thousand tales and take you on a journey you all around the world.

2. La – @creationsofla

Based in Dubai, La represents a new school of creative’s running under the alias of visual artists, not to be restricted to just a photographer,  He boasts an impressive portfolio of work, collaborating with fashion labels and musicians.  A simple scroll through @creationsofla and you will notice a significant shift in the style of picture taking. Utilising all creative tools La’s imagery has a more urban, youthful, edgy aesthetic.  Breaking the rules of traditional photography, the visual art is very much out of the box and radiates creativity. This niche style of photography is soon becoming mainstream with La being one of the leaders of this new generation of visual artists.

3. Miss Hattan – @misshattan

Leaving behind a career in the corporate financial world @misshattan pursued her passion of photography and is now one of the biggest names in New York. If street photography is your thing, you’ll love the way in which @misshattan captures the city that never sleeps. From different viewing points, through sunshine, rain and snow Miss Hattan’s photography of New York is quite incredible. A lesson to be learned from @misshattan is to never underestimate the environment around you.

4. Sam Moores – @sammooresphoto

Here’s one for the petrol heads, @sammooresphoto an automotive photographer, amateur racer and blogger. If you love super fast cars and you love photography this is the account you need to follow. I mean there’s nothing better than a picturesque view of a classic Porsche with its curves basking in the sunlight or a rolling shot of a Lamborghini going at the speed of light, @sammooresphoto has it all. Spectacular shots of spectacular cars, do you need anything else? (Even better there’s a blog to go with it all too!)

5. Robert Smith – @robertsmith1456

Photographer @robersmith1456 knows a thing or two about capturing the beauty of mother nature. His Instagram feed is full of striking landscape shots from waterfalls, to forests and rivers. Vivid colours and prominent details, the photography certainly has its own moods and emotion. @robersmith1456 captures the powers of mother nature in stunning still frames.

6. Rachel Hau – @rachelhau85

Street photography with a twist @rachelhau85 is account you need to follow. With harsh tones and unique use of depth of field, @rachelhau85 brings the streets to life with the raw grittiness of her captures. If you’re searching for inspiration for street photography this is the page to go to.

7. Paul Zizka – @paulzizkaphoto

My fascination for the northern lights brought me to this page and I was not disappointed. An award winning landscape and adventure photographer, Paul’s photography skills are not to go unnoticed. Stunning images of snowy alps, caves of ice and the breathtaking northern lights, this is landscape photography at its best. Follow Paul’s adventures through his Instagram account and watch how he captures the magic of the arctic and the wonders of nature.



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