Potato Salad Recipe for the Fourth of July

Becky Weingold - Potato Salad Recipe

I have been reading and now watching the Pioneer Woman for a long time – and I just found her potato salad recipe for the Fourth of July. We have all decided that we would have a cookout on the 4th and then sit around roasting marshmallows while we watched the fireworks in the mountains. So I am going to try making The Pioneer Woman’s potato salad recipe for the Fourth of July! I’ll let you all know how it turns out!

45 Minutes


8 Servings


  • 5 pounds Russet Potatoes (about 8 Medium Russets)
  • 1-1/2 cup Real Mayonnaise (NOT Miracle Whip)
  • 4 Tablespoons Prepared Mustard (regular, Dijon Or A Mixture Of Both)
  • 5 whole Green Onions, Sliced Up To The Darkest Green Part
  • 8 whole Small Sweet Pickles (may Use Dill If That’s More Up Your Alley)
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher Salt (more To Taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper
  • 4 whole Hard Boiled Eggs

Cut potatoes in halves or thirds, then boil until fork tender. Drain. Mash potatoes or run them through a ricer or food mill to make them extra fluffy. Fold potatoes together with mayonnaise, mustard, green onions, salt, pepper, and other seasonings you like. Fold in pickles and eggs, then taste for seasonings, adding more salt, mustard, or mayo as needed. You may also splash in juice from the pickle jar if salad needs a little moisture.

Serve with baked beans, coleslaw, pasta salad, burgers … and two pieces of pie. And that’s an order.

Happy 4th of July, y’all!
Becky Weingold

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