Meet My New Guy

Rebecca Weingold

I have a new love in my life. He is warm and snuggly. He loves to cuddle and has big brown eyes. He is the best kisser and he is super sweet. I am so lucky.

Before you all start asking when the wedding is, I don’t think it’s possible to marry your dog!! LOL

Yep. After working for years with Friends of Animals Club the perfect pug was found. She was pregnant and abandoned. We took her in and nursed her until her pups came. I had to take this little boy. He was the runt of the litter and couldn’t ever seem to find a spot when it was time to eat.

Meet Herbert. You will be seeing a lot of him!

Herbert will go EVERYWHERE with me. Right now, he can fit in my purse, we are working on getting him potty trained, or pee pad trained, and working on what he can and can’t chew on. But, if he isn’t just the cutest put you have ever seen, I would be amazed!!


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