Hot Air Balloon Festival in Helen, Georgia

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Helen, Georgia

It is almost officially that time of year. You know what time we’re talking about. Only the coolest hot air balloon adventure that northern Georgia has ever seen. For over 40 years, this impressive hot air balloon festival and race has been drawing in thousands of people to Helen, Georgia. If you’re never been to this one-of-a-kind, creatively colorful experience, maybe this will convince you.

Every year there is an epic hot air balloon race in the mountains of Helen, Georgia.
Hot Air Balloon Festival

The oldest balloon event in the South and the only long distance hot air balloon race in the entire country, the Helen to the Atlantic race is one event you do not want to miss.
Oldest balloon event in the South

Race competitors will take to the skies of North Georgia, with approximately 30 hot air balloons ascending at once.
Hot Air Balloon Festival in Helen, Georgia

If that’s not a true sight to see, I don’t know what is.
North Georgia Hot Air Balloon

While guests of the event cannot necessarily participate in the race on a whim, there are plenty of things to get into on the ground.

Balloon enthusiasts will be able to help assist with inflations, join a chase crew, take a ride while tethered and so much more. Even if it’s just attending lift off with the whole family, planning a trip is worth it.

To witness the hot air balloon race from the ground it is completely free, with tethered rides being as low as $10. The balloons will fly at 7:30am and 6pm every day, as long as the weather allows. Bring a group of friends or bring the kids for an exciting excursion through the clouds.

This year the Helen to the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Race will take place on May 31st through June 2nd, 2018. To find out more information, click here. Otherwise, if you’re looking for other exciting events around the Georgia area, take a look at You Don’t Want To Miss The Biggest, Most Delicious Ice Cream Festival In Georgia.

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