The Only Dessert in Georgia You Will Ever Need Comes From the Most Unexpected Place

Max Lager's Wood Fired Grill, Rebecca Weingold

Have you ever had a hankering for something sweet, but just couldn’t quite put your finger on what you wanted? We have the ultimate Georgia dessert that will fulfill all of your sweet tooth desires. Not only is this fried Southern speciality dessert becoming famous around the Georgia foodie scene, but it also comes from the most unexpected place. Where… Read more »

You’ll Love the Bird’s Eye View at This Incredible Georgia Restaurant

You'll Love the Bird's Eye View at This Incredible Georgia Restaurant

Everyone loves a good view when they dine, right? There is nothing like sharing a meal with a loved one and taking the entire experience up a level (pun intended) with a beautiful bird’s eye view of the state of Georgia. The particular bird’s eye view from this incredible Georgia’s restaurant is a staple in the capital city and you… Read more »

The Unforgettable Themed Restaurant In Georgia That Will Take You Back In Time

Public School 404

Class is officially in session at Public School 404 in Atlanta. For many people, going back to grade school does not bring back the fondest memories. However, in this particular place, you’ll wish that you never graduated. This unforgettable themed restaurant in Georgia will take you back in time combining the ultimate grade school experience with a plethora of tasty… Read more »

17 Essential Atlanta Pizzerias

17 Essential Atlanta Pizzerias

Here’s a list of 17 essential Atlanta pizzerias, as published by Eater Atlanta: Atlanta has its fair share of solid pizzerias, and even though the Neapolitan style seems to be the most popular around town these days, those in search of New York-, Jersey-, or even Chicago-style pizzas can easily satisfy their cravings. Here, now, are 17 of Atlanta’s essential… Read more »

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