What Is Meant By Self-Reliance?

What Is Meant By Self-Reliance?

Dictionaries and online searches will reveal a number of meanings for self-reliance. In general, “self-reliance” means doing things on your own, not because you have to, but because you want to know that everything is done according to a higher-personal standard. But what does that mean? Society is a Joint-stock Company A brief search of the term will also show… Read more »

45 Goals of Self Improvement Checklist

45 Goals of Self Improvement

Goals of self improvement are vast and highly personal. Each one of us has to evaluate our own lives and selves to set relevant goals. When we begin to take an honest inventory of ourselves and our lives, our goals will become clear. Here are just some ideas to consider in self improvement goals. Gain self-awareness Gain self-understanding To gain… Read more »

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Imagine your life five years from now. What might your life be like if you made the decision right now to improve one aspect of yourself every day for the next thirty days? Join me in taking the 30 Day Challenge – Do One Thing Every Day to Improve Your Self and Your Life. What kind of impact would that… Read more »

Don’t Miss the Biggest Ice Cream Festival In Georgia

Biggest Ice Cream Festival in Georgia

Every year, Georgia has a family festival of delicious proportions. While the temperatures are climbing in July, and you can’t seem to get cool no matter how hard you try, this is one food festival that will keep you from overheating. Take a look at why the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival should be an absolute must this summer season. When… Read more »

The Only Dessert in Georgia You Will Ever Need Comes From the Most Unexpected Place

Max Lager's Wood Fired Grill, Rebecca Weingold

Have you ever had a hankering for something sweet, but just couldn’t quite put your finger on what you wanted? We have the ultimate Georgia dessert that will fulfill all of your sweet tooth desires. Not only is this fried Southern speciality dessert becoming famous around the Georgia foodie scene, but it also comes from the most unexpected place. Where… Read more »

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