Fight the Urge to Splurge and Protect Your Budget

Fighting the Urge to Splurge

Getting the urge to splurge can be brought on for many different reasons. Sometimes sadness or depression makes us want to treat ourselves to something nice and cheer ourselves up. Or maybe you have a reason to celebrate and you want to reward yourself. Perhaps you need some motivation on a new project so you buy yourself all the tools… Read more »

Fantasy In Lights at Callaway Gardens

Rebecca Weingold - Fantasy In Lights at Callaway Gardens

Atlanta On the Cheap posted another great article about another must-visit spot for the holidays. Callaway Gardens is a little bit south of Atlanta – not a bad drive at all – and the area is just gorgeous! Here’s what they wrote in their post: “If you’re planning to check out Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens this season, now’s… Read more »

Planning a Visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Rebecca Weingold - Atlanta Botanical Garden

It seems there’s never enough time for me to enjoy all the great things Atlanta has to offer. However, since we’re getting into the holiday season, I’m going to make an effort to fit in some fun while still keeping school a priority. The blog, Atlanta On the Cheap, posted some great info about discounts on some special exhibits coming… Read more »

“Honey” Browser Extension Can Save You Lots of Money!

Honey Browser Extension Can Save You Lots of Money

There’s a new app that applies every promo code on the Internet to your shopping cart. No, this isn’t a joke – it’s real, it’s awesome, and it’s called “Honey.” Here’s what they say on their site: These days, all our purchases are pretty much made online. Why put on shoes and go down to the store when you could… Read more »

Atlanta Autumn Roundup: 14 Fun and Festive Things To Do In Atlanta This Fall

Rebecca Weingold - Atlanta Autumn Roundup

This Atlanta Autumn Roundup from has a great list of family activities that will keep you in the fun throughout the fall. It’s official – autumn is here, and with it comes so many things we love about life in the South. We love cooler weather, breathtaking fall colors, family festivals, apple pickin’, pumpkin patchin’, football and more. We’ve… Read more »

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