What Are the Best Dogs to Adopt? Ask Rebecca

Rebecca Weingold
I am not an expert, but I work with many animal shelters, and I also adopted Herbert, my cute pug. And, we live in an apartment!  Live in an apartment, but longing for some canine companionship? Not to worry.
Many, many apartment-dwellers have successfully adopted dogs. In fact, in dog-
friendly cities like New York, most people live in apartments, so don’t despair. If
they can do it, so can you! You just need to take into consideration a few things.
First, make sure your apartment allows dogs, and understand that if you move to
a new apartment, you’ll need to find another that allows dogs. Next, you’ll need to
provide training to make sure your dog doesn’t bark incessantly and disturb
neighbors while you’re away (this is where adopting from a rescue group, where
dogs have been in foster homes, can really make a difference. They’ll know if the
dog you have your eye on is prone to barking). Finally, you will need to make
sure your dog has adequate access to the outdoors for some exercise and potty
breaks. A dog-walker and doggy daycare are great resources to use if you work
long days.
Whether or not a dog can thrive in an apartment has much more to do with his
personal traits than his breed. Most breeds can adapt to apartment life. But all
dogs, no matter what breed, require some level of exercise to remain happy,
healthy and well behaved. An under-exercised or bored dog can become quite
destructive in any home.
Keep an open mind when you begin your adoption search. Many large breeds do
surprisingly well in apartment life. For instance, Greyhounds and Great Danes
make great apartment companions. Though they are very large, both breeds are
generally quite happy to be couch potatoes when indoors as long as they are
provided some outdoor activity each day. Conversely, some small, high-energy
dogs who are prone to barking when left alone may not be the best choice for
shared-wall living. However, and we can’t stress this enough: it’s all about the
individual dog, not about the breed, and a mixed-breed dog very well may end up
being “the one”!
Adopting a dog is one of the best things you can do for yourself and a dog from a

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