45 Goals of Self Improvement Checklist

45 Goals of Self Improvement

Goals of self improvement are vast and highly personal. Each one of us has to evaluate our own lives and selves to set relevant goals. When we begin to take an honest inventory of ourselves and our lives, our goals will become clear. Here are just some ideas to consider in self improvement goals.

  1. Gain self-awareness
  2. Gain self-understanding
  3. To gain control of your own destiny
  4. To be better
  5. To feel better
  6. Personal growth
  7. To gain enlightenment
  8. Build confidence
  9. Eliminate self-placed limitations
  10. Grow your resiliency
  11. Believe in yourself
  12. Cultivate a growth mindset
  13. To live a genuine life
  14. To gain fulfillment
  15. To understand your purpose
  16. To live up to your full potential
  17. To learn to be honest with yourself
  18. To improve happiness and wellbeing
  19. To improve your life
  20. Inner peace and contentment
  21. Professional success
  22. To build gratitude
  23. To break bad habits
  24. To build healthy habits
  25. To stop self-sabotage
  26. To improve self-esteem
  27. To address and deal with problems within yourself and your life
  28. To process and deal with childhood issues
  29. Stop procrastination
  30. To become highly productivity
  31. Improve focus
  32. To boost motivation
  33. Learn how to set and achieve goals
  34. Master problem solving
  35. Become self-reliant and independent
  36. Learn positive thinking
  37. Become more assertive
  38. Learn how to process feelings in a healthy manner
  39. Life balance
  40. Thrive in mind, body and spirit
  41. Self-actualization – “the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone”
  42. Healthy relationships
  43. Master gratitude
  44. Stop controlling behavior
  45. Stop perfectionism

What are YOUR goals for self improvement?

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