30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Imagine your life five years from now. What might your life be like if you made the decision right now to improve one aspect of yourself every day for the next thirty days? Join me in taking the 30 Day Challenge – Do One Thing Every Day to Improve Your Self and Your Life.

What kind of impact would that commitment have on you as a person? What would your health and physical appearance be like? What would your career be like?

Where would you live? How much money would you have? What would it mean for your relationships and what kind of people would you be surrounded with?

No matter what you’re personally striving for there’s no doubt that continuous self-education and self-improvement is extremely powerful. That’s why I’m encouraging you to join me in taking this 30 Day Challenge You might want to bookmark this one. 😉

30 Day Challenge: Do One Thing Every Day
to Improve Your Self and Your Life

Day 1: Make a list of things I want to improve about myself or my life.
Day 2: Repeat positive affirmations.
Day 3: Read a self-help book.
Day 4: Create a bedtime ritual/routine.
Day 5: Meditate.
Day 6: Find a mentor or hire a life coach.
Day 7: See a psychologist or therapist to work on your issues.
Day 8: Evaluate your life and assess what holds you back from things you want to do or become.
Day 9: Make a list of your emotional baggage and plan how you will deal with these things.
Day 10: Evaluate your romantic relationship. Are you happy, and satisfied, or are there problems that need to be resolved?
Day 11: Tell someone you trust one of your deep, dark secrets.
Day 12: Consider your childhood, are there serious unresolved issues? If yes, consider how you will deal with these.
Day 13: Make a career goal and a plan of action.
Day 14: List all your bad habits, diet, lack of exercise, smoking, drug use—commit to making changes.
Day 15: Start a self-awareness journal – focus knowing yourself and self-understanding.
Day 16: List all the things you believe that you can do.
Day 17: List all the things you believe you cannot do and add the reasons you believe cannot do them for each one.
Day 18: Consider the limits, either actions or beliefs you pose on yourself, list them, and the reasons you believe these limits are valid.
Day 19: Ask yourself if you love yourself? Consider: do you behaviors and the life you live reflect that? Do you respect yourself and demand respect from others? Are your relationships nurturing? Do you take care of yourself?
Day 20: Consider your life purpose.
Day 21: Ask yourself if you are living a fulfilling life.
Day 22: Practice yoga.
Day 23: Define your values.
Day 24: Define goals you have for your own inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.
Day 25: Write how you see your life in 5 years.
Day 26: Create balance in your life: Set time for self, work, family, recreation.
Day 27: Make a bucket list: All the things you want to do before you die.
Day 28: Get rid of one thing or person that brings you down.
Day 29: Create a detailed stress management plan.
Day 30: Celebrate! You completed the 30 day challenge!

I’ve created a 30 Day Challenge for you to print and track your progress on the 30 Day Challenge. Good luck – and share your progress and results here!

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