Planning a Visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Rebecca Weingold - Atlanta Botanical Garden

It seems there’s never enough time for me to enjoy all the great things Atlanta has to offer. However, since we’re getting into the holiday season, I’m going to make an effort to fit in some fun while still keeping school a priority. The blog, Atlanta On the Cheap, posted some great info about discounts on some special exhibits coming… Read more »

Best Places To Learn About Atlanta History

Rebecca A Weingold - Best Places to Learn About Atlanta History

Established in 1732, Georgia’s history is not only memorable but also colorful. If you looking for historical and memorable areas Atlanta is home to a lot. Historical values, tradition and passion for these important traits can be felt all in any of these places. Georgia State Capitol 206 Washington St., S.W. Atlanta,  GA 30334 (404) 463-4536 Of all the… Read more »

“Honey” Browser Extension Can Save You Lots of Money!

Honey Browser Extension Can Save You Lots of Money

There’s a new app that applies every promo code on the Internet to your shopping cart. No, this isn’t a joke – it’s real, it’s awesome, and it’s called “Honey.” Here’s what they say on their site: These days, all our purchases are pretty much made online. Why put on shoes and go down to the store when you could… Read more »

17 Essential Atlanta Pizzerias

17 Essential Atlanta Pizzerias

Here’s a list of 17 essential Atlanta pizzerias, as published by Eater Atlanta: Atlanta has its fair share of solid pizzerias, and even though the Neapolitan style seems to be the most popular around town these days, those in search of New York-, Jersey-, or even Chicago-style pizzas can easily satisfy their cravings. Here, now, are 17 of Atlanta’s essential… Read more »

40+ Amazing Things To Do In The Fall: Your Georgia Bucket List

Your Georgia Bucket List for the Fall

It’s Fall Ya’ll! Here’s your Georgia bucket list from 365 Atlanta Family of the best-of-the-best things to do in the Fall in Atlanta and all around our state! The weather is just perfect, the leaves are putting on a show, Halloween fun abounds, the holiday season is coming…Here are dozens of my favorite ways to celebrate this time of year in and around Atlanta, and… Read more »

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