Repurpose the Tee Shirt – Make the Old New Again

Rebecca A Weingold

We’ve cleaned out our closet, and we have figured out what we want to sell, but there are some clothes that are too cute to sell or get rid of, so I have a few ways you can save those pieces, repurpose them and get more wear out of them. So many of these are tee shirts, and now I… Read more »

Where to Sell Your Clothes Online

Rebecca a weingold

Be honest — did you clean out your closet? Most of us hold onto outfits long after we’ve stopped wearing them. Now that I’ve purged, I am going to sell those clothes and make some extra cash! It’s easy to sell clothes online or at a secondhand store. To help you get started, I’ve listed all the best online consignment… Read more »

How to Clean Out Your Closet – Successfully

Rebecca a weingold

I have never made the time to sift through and really pare my closet down. Yesterday I spent quite a few hours trying to hone in on which items bring me joy, and which don’t. Today I’m sharing some tips for how to clean out your closet using some of the information I’ve picked up on along the way. The… Read more »

10 Tips for Getting Back Into School Mode

Rebecca Weingold

“Back to school” may be one of the most dreaded phrases for students of any age – and with good reason. The end of summer means trading in magazines for textbooks, and typing out lecture notes instead of texting friends about beach plans. As college students, we’re in our last few years of hearing this phrase, so why not make… Read more »

Instagram Photography Tips from Rebecca

Rebecca Weingold

Small pictures can make a big difference in a mobile-driven world. I have found that taking pictures for Instagram is pretty similar to other mediums, but it’s about how you post those pictures. Instagram is a feast for your eyes, and Instagram photography gives you a huge forum. Think of Instagram as a way of showing your latest work or… Read more »

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