Potato Salad Recipe for the Fourth of July

Becky Weingold - Potato Salad Recipe

I have been reading and now watching the Pioneer Woman for a long time – and I just found her potato salad recipe for the Fourth of July. We have all decided that we would have a cookout on the 4th and then sit around roasting marshmallows while we watched the fireworks in the mountains. So I am going to… Read more »

Best Dog Parks in Atlanta

Rebecca Weingold - Best Dog Parks in Atlanta

Now that I have Herbert, I have no more excuses for locking myself in my house and studying or not taking walks and getting outside and smelling the fresh air! As soon as I brought Herbie home, I started to look for dog parks. He’s still too young to be around big dogs, but soon!! We love this list from… Read more »

No Sour Grapes for This Grad!

Rebecca Weingold - No Sour Grapes

At the end of May, I was invited to a graduation party, and everyone was asked to bring a dish – sort of a potluck thing, I guess. While I actually enjoy cooking, I don’t have a large repertoire of recipes, so I decided to keep it simple and make my favorite dessert: No Sour Grapes! The recipe is super… Read more »

Most Affordable Places for College Grads to Live

I can’t believe that grad school is just around the corner. My internship is beginning and I am working on saving up and beginning a new life as a college grad and grad student. A lot of my friends have wondered about the most affordable places to live. I am also looking at where the best places are, but I… Read more »

Bucket List Before Grad School

Rebecca Weingold - Bucket List Before Grad School

So after years of working for your undergraduate degree, months of applying to graduate programs, and untold hours debating whether further education is the right thing for you, you’re finally doing it: You’re going to grad school. Congrats! But now what? Although the environment may be similar, grad school will be a very different experience from your years as an… Read more »

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